Friday, 30 January 2015

A party takes shape

     Here we are, normal service can start to resume. The move went well and my man-cave has started to be unpacked, all the models that has been in storage for the last 9 months are being dug out and my drive to get back on with some proper hobby has returned.

     So, back to my Open Combat adventuring party, and it has 3 new members; Another tank (who was in reality a warrior priest but as ours never really did much magic he can fulfil that vital second tank slot), another ranger and a dog. The dog was me going off piece a little bit, I bought the model for my necromunda warband and it just never made it onto my painting table, so it got re-purposed to something that it fitted better into anyway. Both the ranger and tank are from the Otherworld Miniatures range again, they just fitted what I wanted to achieve perfectly, and while the tank's figure is supposed to be a half-orc, I think he represents the actual guy better looking like that, than he would fully human . . .

Otherworld miniature open combat second thunder warband

      So my party now stands at 5 full members and a dog. These guys cover the group that I wanted them to represent, but if I want to take it to club to play with I think I will still add a few more members to give all the players something to do and give me a bit of redundancy in terms of figure breakage etc.

heresy otherworld miniature war dog skirmish game

open combat skirmish game 28mm fight

Thanks for reading. Next time, hopefully, more undead. . .

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