Monday, 13 April 2015

A busy weekend

      This is going to be another post in what will probably be a series of completely out of sync stand alone posts while I clear my desk and finish projects before the target destroyer that is Salute.
      One of my new year's resolutions was to get into Bolt Action, and after going 3 months into the year I thought it about time I did something about it. So here's my solution; enter a Bolt Action tournament. Working out a 1000 point army was easy enough with a bit of fiddling about, I already have 3 full squads of infantry and an officer, so the heavy lifting has already been done. I figured if I go to the tournament, that's 3 games under my belt, plus what ever practise I can get in before hand and what ever games I get in afterwards after meeting a new group of players.
      So I have been going through my lead pile and puling out anything that looks remotely WW2 German and buying the odd thing that looked interesting. This has lead to these two new units of my Bolt Action army. A medium mortar and a squad of Grenadiers armed with assault rifles, both of which fill gaps in my force selection chart. The grenadiers are the squad I am the most pleased with, I really wanted a unit of veterans, but I didn't want to just add a squad of S.S. as far as I am aware (feel free to comment at the bottom if I am wrong) German infantry platoons didn't tend to get random squads of S.S. attached to them, as far as I understand, you had a platoon of S.S. or a platoon of normal infantry. So step in the grenadiers, re-equipped normal infantry that I am fairly sure I could argue their inclusion into my army without too much grief.

warlord games medium german mortar crew

ww2 german medium mortar colours

ww2 german grenadier warlord games

         In a break from painting I spent Saturday down at Wayland Games, I knew they were running a Guild Ball demo day, and as my Guild Ball kickstarter teams had turned up that morning it felt like fate. After playing their demo using the fishermen (one of my two teams) and winning in two turns, I felt like the day was off to a great start. Then I ended taking part in the new D&D Attack Wing tournament league and coming second with a borrowed team of two dragons, much as I really don't want to get into another collectable game, I am worried that I really liked the changes Wizkids have made to the core rules from the Star Trek version that I already regularly play.

d&d attack wing silver gold dragon

dragon with a gun

    The only tarnish to my day was getting a parking ticket while in what I (and the staff) had always assumed was a customer car park. That comes out of my Salute pocket money.

Thanks for reading.


  1. As far as I'm aware German Heer (army) troops and Waffen SS wouldn't find themselves mixed together, like you've said. Also, a lot of the career Army officers despised Himmler's 'private army' of SS due to the political indoctrination the SS men had been brainwashed with and so didn't hold to the old Prussian army code of honour that still prevailed throughout the German regular forces.

    1. That's pretty much what I understood too :). My force isn't historical, but I want it's make up to be believable. It's good to have my understanding backed up.

  2. Great looking figures; nice details with the mortar crew.