Friday 17 April 2015

Is an army ever really finished?

     It's time for that age old question again; Is an army ever really finished? At the end of the last Lion's Rampant post I did, I triumphantly stated that I had completed the 24 points I needed to have a full army and that I could finally tick another project off of my list, job done. And then I played a few games, which made me do some thinking, but as most of that thinking involved mounted troops, and I hate painting horses (not sure why, but I do), I managed to hold off, until more thinking lead to more shopping and more toys turning up in the post.
      My Baratheon battle line has suffered in games from one main problem, for the way we play my line is too wide, and the 3 inch between units rule exacerbates this problem even more. Either my two big crossbowmen units can't shoot as they are behind the line, or they are the line and the combat troops can't get through to help. So here was my plan; replace out a unit of crossbowmen, which can be brutal or a complete waste of points depending on the situation, and the little biddowers unit, with a second foot men at arms.

lion rampant combat monsters unit crusader miniatures

      I went for the double handed weapons set for this unit, partly to make the units look different and partly I like the narrative of my noble's private bodyguard being more about protecting him, while the other unit pro-actively charge forward to do some real damage. Again the models are from the Crusader Miniatures range.

lion's rampant men at arms foot paint colour banner

      This last bit was just something that caught my eye. While waiting during the stages where I had done a wash over my men at arms, I looked over a sprue that I had bought for a different project and saw it had some bits on that I hadn't noticed before, pottery bits. As I am slowly trying to build up my collection of small scenery details, mostly crates and waggons etc, I figured this would look good on a table or on top of a pile of something, a really quick paint job later and I am really impressed with the result.

28mm pottery scenery wargames wargaming

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you all at Salute next weekend if I don't post anything before hand.


  1. I haven't even gotten around to opening up the packs of figures I bought for Lion Rampant, let alone play a game, so I'll take your word for the tactical difficulties you've faced.

    The figures are looking well though and the table and pottery look spot on.

    1. Thanks Roy.

      It's a really good little game, well worth putting some effort into getting figures on the table for.

  2. Marvellous! Enjoy Salute. Options and choices for any army are always good :)

    1. Thanks Simon. Once you break the line of only painting exactly what you need it starts to be s slippery slope though.