Friday, 24 April 2015

Mason's Guild for Guildball

     The second team I bought as part of my Guildball kickstarter pledge was the Mason's guild, unlike the Fisherman's guild that had been partially sculpted at the time and they had a solid idea of what each player was going to look like, the Mason's were a shot in the dark. The one model they had sculpted, however, was the team captain, and I have to say I went for this team almost purely on the strength of that single sculpt.
     The masons guild's style of play, doesn't rely on overwhelming strength, or speed, or defense, but in having a team who are in sync with each, they each have skills that increase the stats or another specific player, so when your team is fresh they are spectacular, but as you lose players, your team quickly becomes sub standard.

mason's guild guildball team painted
The full team

guildball masons honour marbles painted
 Honour and Marbles

guildball masons brick mallet painted
 Brick and Mallet

guildball masons harmony flint painted
 Harmony and Flint

guildball goal ball guild game painted ltd ed kickstarter
 Another goal and ball.

      I still have the two union team players I got free as part of my pledge, only held up by the fact I genuinely don't know how one of them is supposed to be stuck to the base, true story. Then I need to get a game or two in at some point.
     Oh and the guys who are behind guildball are going to be at Salute tomorrow, with a ltd edition version of Kraken (see last post) and an extra player for each team . . .

I hope to see as many of you as I can at Salute tomorrow.


  1. Looking pretty cool, love the big fellow!! Hopefully see you at the blog-meet at 1?

    1. Thanks Ray. And yeah I am aiming to be there! Going to be interesting to put faces to names.

  2. Cool looking figures, Mike! Love the excited ape.

  3. Hello Mike,

    There's some speculation as to whether it is yourself or not (in a green top) in the Bloggers Meet photo - I'll include a link below so you can contact direct, should you wish.

    Nice GB team, too :)

    1. Forgot the link. Doh!

    2. Thanks for that Roy, just popped over there to identify myself. Just a bit of a pity I didn't do more than just a whistle stop hello and run away session. Next show!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks mate. Need to get a game in to make it all worth it.