Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Canadian deployment begins

     I am going to try and present the bulk of my WW2 Canadian army over the course of 3 posts, this one will be the odds and sods of my armour, next will be all my infantry and last will be my tank wars platoon. I will then try and have some non-bolt action bits lined up as the last months of this blog have been fairly Bolt Action solid and I am in danger of losing the 'random meanderings' part of my title.

Left to right; Daimler armoured car, universal carrier, Cromwell tank, 
quad tractor and a 6 pounder gun in the front row.

The Cromwell is the tank I become unstuck on. As far as I can work out, the Canadian 4th division tank companies were based around Shermans, so they had no Cromwell companies, but as the British spread equipment to each of the commonwealth countries, they must have had one or two at some point. . .
canadian bolt action cromwell 4th division tank

canadian 4th division universal carrier
The universal carrier, the only model on this post that wasn't bought for a specific army list, I just really liked the look of the kit. Even though I don't have an actual use for it at the moment, I am absurdly pleased with how this one came out.

   canadian bolt action 4th division quad tractor
Daimler armoured car, quad tractor and 6 pounder anti-tank gun.
canadian bolt action 6 pounder at anti-tank

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