Thursday, 9 July 2015

Viking Trader's Knarr

      In a break from all the writing about Bolt Action I have done recently, I have decided to throw in something completely different, so here is the Viking Knarr I bought at Salute 2013, finally finished. The model is by Warbases and like the ash wastes vehicles I did a few weeks back, it is more of a scratch build aid than a kit in it's own right. I have to say, once I got my head around what I needed to do to make it look right, it was a really good project to pass some time, plus it put me into a really good place to get on with my next big, non-army project.

warbases viking knarr long ship longship 28mm saga

Thanks for reading


  1. That looks great Mike and I love all the stowage and cargo.

    1. Thanks Michael. Stowage, cargo and junk seems to have been taking up a lot of my painting desk recently.

  2. Brilliant! A cracking scene. Nice work on the painting etc. too

  3. An excellent job on this kit - you really took it to the next level, well done!

  4. Great looking ship and terrain.