Friday, 24 July 2015

The Canadian infantry arrive

      My Canadian infantry have been a real labour of love, and at times, hate, but now they are done and I have managed a couple of games with them, I'm really enjoying the end result. These guys were a real slog at times but I have done exactly what I wanted to do with this army, additions will now be small and quick to do, so I should be able to play whatever I want.

    I've built/painted the equivalent of 4, 10 man squads, each with an nco with smg, at least one more smg, a lmg and loader, and the left overs with rifles. Then to make sure I have something for every job, I have; a piat team, light and medium mortars, mmg, sniper and 5 man engineer squad who I see as a cheeky little extra unit in games where I need them. Then lastly I have my HQ units, my lt and adjacent, a forward artillery officer and adjacent, a captain for bigger games and an adjacent for my medic*.

* This was my infantry done until an order arrived from North Star and ruined it all . . . But the order includes a guy who looks like a better medic than the one Warlord supplies.

 HQ units

 Piat, sniper and light mortar.

 Medium mortar, mmg and flamer.

The engineers, 4 rifles and nco with smg for good measure.

 The NCOs.

The brave, unwashed masses.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Oh well done Mike, what a great achievement - a fine looking body of men.

  2. That's an impressive collection of infantry Mike, but where's the tanks... ;)