Thursday, 21 July 2016

German Grenadiers

    I haven't played with my German Heer all that much since last summer (I haven't been playing all that much of anything actually) but it is an army that I still want to use and see on the table. So when my normal Bolt Action opponent suggested we try another rule set and instead of Chain of Command like I was pushing we decided on Battlegroup Overlord, I knew it was time to get my Germans back out.
     Battlegroup Overlord's force organisation forces you to build historic platoons (and take more than 1 platoon at a time) so while I just about had the troops to cope it gave me no room for the future. So, it seemed like a perfect time to sort out more troops, fill missing support options and bulk up my collection in other places it was lacking. Below is just the start.

My first batch of troops. There is a mix of Warlord's plastic grenadiers and Black Tree Design's figures. I've worked out exactly what I need to play Battlegroup and what I need to expand for Bolt Action (very different squad makeup) and I am building to those lists.The stretcher at the back I can't explain but when Black Tree has a 50% sale and a stretcher set is only £2.89 how can you turn it down?

pak 38 at gun warlord games german heer
Two lots of Pak 38s. I had no AT guns in my collection that weren't attached to a tank at all and I'm not sure how I let that slip.

nebelwurfer warlord games german
A medium howitzer and nebelwurfer. Again I had no artillery in my collection either so these give me a chance, I plan to double up on both of these to give me actual batteries.

wirbelwind company b vw beetle ww2 german
Wirbelwind, VW Beetle and two bikes. The Wirbelwind is for Bolt Action mostly, these tanks do terrible things to infantry squads and I want to be able to do it to someone else for a change. The beetle is a staff car but I am going to use it to transport small teams, I left it relatively clean as it is still a staff car. The machine gun bike will definitely be used in Bolt Action games while the dispatch rider is more for fluffy games if we need a convoy etc.

Thanks for reading