Sunday, 10 July 2016

Panzer Zug

    It's not been the most productive week for hobby results but I have managed to get another old project off of my workbench. For Christmas, my lovely wife bought me a Panzer III zug box set from Warlord games, after I had asked her if she could pick me a single one up. I have found the Panzer IV to be a stunning battle tank but it was a bit overpowered for how I use it, hence the slightly down powered Panzer III replacement.
    With 3 of them to build, this plan was expanded to include other options which I would have gone down at some point. . .

     First up is the one I wanted to build in the first place, the Panzer III M. A medium tank with medium AT, only slightly less powerful than the Panzer IV H it is replacing in my normal list.

       Next up is a type of tank I have been using a lot with my Soviet army and one I wanted to have the option to use with my Germans, a howitzer. The Panzer III N with medium howitzer fits this role perfectly and I am looking forward to using it.

       Next up, is a type of tank other people have used on me with great results so I wanted to have the option of in my box to spring on those players I know play dirty. The Flammpanzer III N is fitted with a flame thrower in the turret, I don't plan on getting much use out of this tank but the threat of having one tends to keep opponents in check.

      Lastly, we have the Panzer II L, a much lighter tank that I had the plan of using instead of my SDKFZ 222 armoured car as they have basically the same armour and guns. Again, it is a Warlord model but resin this time, with a white metal barrel (a terrible idea as mine snapped and had to be replaced within a few hours of me first building the model) but a really nice, compact, little tank which I will use in the immediate future.

        My new Panzer III M doing what it does best, advancing into my opponent's face and making him really think about his moves.

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