Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Christmas comes to war-torn Blighty

   What was going to be a really light-hearted post about a toy car I bought on holiday a couple of weekends ago for my wargaming is instead going to be twinged with a bit of sadness. Last night the very Christmas market I bought this car in was hit by a terrorist attack and it is hard not to see the images when I now look at the model.

   This post was going to be about sympathetic elements in Germany sending gifts across the channel to war-torn Blighty at her time of need. A couple of years into the civil war and the fighting is bitter, things like toys for children at Christmas time would have pretty low on the agenda, so the lift in moral that even a small gift could bring would be immense. Instead, it is them that need our sympathy at this time.

My thoughts go to the people of Berlin

Thanks for reading


  1. It is things like this that make us realise how lucky we are. A very poignant post Mike.

  2. Lovely stuff Mike. Thank you for posting it.