Friday, 9 December 2016

French supplies inbound

   I should probably begin this post with a confession; I can completely understand why even accomplished wargames painters are happy to ship their piles of unpainted Napoleonics off to a professional to paint, they seriously sap your painting motivation. Hence, why it has been almost 6 months since my last post on it, but that has been for 2 reasons: 1, It took a while to build up the motivation to do the next block of troops. 2, By that point I had forgotten my colour recipe. . .
   Up steps the Warbasses Engineer's wagon and a Perry Miniatures figure for me to practice on. I bought the wagon and bits at Salute and had it built and sprayed within a few days, but that was as far as it got. The Perry figure was a recent purchase when I got the brain wave of how I was going to get my recipe without ruining a unit or wasting time getting it wrong. I could use it as a test miniature and make something useful out of it afterward, hopefully, helping to get a few more units across my desk in the new year?

   Comparing this model to my other units it is a pretty close, so I dutifully written my recipe down this time and am ready to get on with another unit in the new year. Oh wait, this means I need some Engineers now as well now . . .

Thanks for reading


  1. Great work Mike, Warbases do make some excellent wagons!

    1. Thanks Ray. They do! I might have another one on my desk . . .

  2. Nice brush work and great detail on the wagon.

  3. So useful for the troops...and so beautiful!