Friday, 16 December 2016

Dalin Worlds Liberation pt.2

   It has been a few months since we last played this campaign (other shiny projects and real life distracting us) but we decided to carry on where we left off.
   At the point we left off, my space marines - The Aurora Knights - had taken a pasting, losing 2 of the chapter's 4 strike cruisers and seeing the chapter's only battlebarge take enough damage to cripple it. The next 3 games went just as badly, with the remnants of my fleet being hounded around the system slowly losing escorts in every engagement without being able to do much more than scratch Dalin's defence fleet. It was not going well for humanity's finest.
   At this point there only seemed to be one thing to do - retreat for a tactical regroup - and it just so happens there is a scenario in the rulebook to do just that.

   All my ships had to do was break through the blockade Dalin's fleet had set up - easy, I thought. (See my ships deployment). At this point in the campaign, the only ships I had left were my last surviving Strike Cruiser from the first game, the Battlebarge (which was too damaged to play in this scenario) and a squadron of Firestorms.
   Knowing that if I lost this game the campaign would be over, I set up as far to the opposite side of the board from my opponent - the scenario had a random deployment generator for the blockading fleet which I used to full advantage - and decided to use the noble tactic of just flying as fast as I could in a straight line without stopping for anything. It didn't work out quite the way I planned (and I forgot to take anymore photos) as my small fleet were intercepted far quicker than I had envisioned.
   Although the game was technically a victory to me, my escorts having got off the table, the strike cruiser proved to be too much of a juicy target for my opponent to ignore and she didn't make it off the board. A handful of games in and my chapter had lost 3 whole battle companies, 3 strike cruisers and only had a disgraceful retreat to show for it. At least it couldn't get any worse, could it?

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