Thursday, 12 October 2017

Mild Winter Snow Trolls

   With my Vikings project over and zomtober on I don't want to get too heavily into my next project just yet, I am happy to sit back for a few more weeks and slowly paint anything that I fancy and this is another one of those*. I am down to my last few Frostgrave figures to play through the campaign in the core book ** and it seems daft not to try and shift some of them out of the painting queue while I have some time to play with.
   I picked up two Heresy Miniatures Snow Trolls in the add on stage of his kickstarter with the plans to use them as Snow Trolls in a set of rules I had just picked up and when they arrived I dumped them in my 'to do box' and carried on with what I was doing. Recently I sat down to work out what I would need to run a Frostgrave campaign for about 4 players - warbands, wizards and monsters. With the list written and marked with what I had painted, I went into my box to see what else I had and these guys came up as obvious contenders to get painted.

* Don't worry, I have loads of
projects waiting in line.
** The pile for the supplements
is a little un-nerving

   All the photos online are of these guys painted various shades of white, and that was my plan, however, my version of frostgrave is not that frosty as I am keeping my generic fantasy figures as multi-use as possible, so the more I thought about it the more pure white didn't fit, so I settled on a colour scheme that suggests cold but not the arctic.

   Below I have added a scale photo with a Frostgrave wizard and a Heresy Miniatures barbarian just to show that these are big monsters.

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  1. Excellent variation on the "Snow Troll" theme Mike - you've done a cracking job on them and the choice of colouring for the fur has worked really well to make them more 'generic' :-)

    1. Thanks Addict. Half way through painting them I had wondered what I had done, but they came together.

  2. Cool I like these a lot. Nice job!

  3. Replies
    1. And I know where to find them? Thanks Michal.