Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The last ship sails in.

   Carrying on with more batches of Vikings while I paint the odd zombie has resulted in the last of my Vikings being finished, but a low zombie turnout so far this month (aiming for a single one this week but a bigger number the week after). Now I have all my Vikings sorted I have split them into their respective units and types and I am pretty pleased with how much of a rabble they look.

      The last few of my 'regular' Vikings to fill up units. Slightly more blue in my last few batches than I planned but they look good in their respective units. A couple of these are repainted models from my old army to fill up where I was a couple of men short and I will carry this on with any other models worth saving from that army.

   The rest of the Norse-Gaels I picked up as a way of diversifying the origin of my Viking warband. In time I plan to split these guys into their own force but mixed into my current army they really look good,

   My full 24 point Lion Rampant army, or split down it makes about 7 points of Saga army, which is what I have been using elements of it for more recently as a couple of my mates have started painting up their own Saga armies and I have run a couple of demos now.
   I really doubt these will be the last Viking figures you will see me paint any time soon but for the moment I am considering this project finished.

Thanks for reading


  1. Great brush work Mike - and I just LOVE that standard!
    Inspiring stuff ta.

    1. Thanks Addict. Good to see the army actually painted up after seeing it in the metal for so long.