Friday, 30 March 2018

Batman Miniature Game

   This is another of those odd posts where I talk about models that have been painted for ages (a good 2-3 years in this case) but for some reason missed my blog first time round.
   The Batman Miniatures game is a game that I knew I was going to buy into the moment I saw the models, then the more I saw Michael Awdry mucking about with the game the more carried away I got. I suspect the models missed my blog as I was trying to do a full gang post for each side and it just slipped by when they were finally finished. From being finished, each model went into a foam case and that's where they lived while I tried to get some scenery finished.

   I had been reading the various Batman series' since the New 52 started coming out - it felt like a good jumping on point - focussing on Batman, Nightwing and Batgirl, so I knew what figures to pick up. The coolest Batman figure I could find, a Robin (Damien) and Nightwing as a replacement Batman, then some cops to get some extra bodies. Albert was free when I bought the rulebook.

   Then I needed a bad guy and Bane felt like a good opponent. When painting him and building his crew I wanted a colour scheme to unite them and allow me to reuse them into other crews if I expanded my collection, so I kept the scheme as one of two things; prison orange or black and urban camo.

   In the last week or so I have been trying to cull my collection and while talking about this game to one of my mates, it dawned on me that I had spent all the time and money on getting two crews together and yet I had never actually played it. So the two of us set about trying to fix that. 
   As it was our first game we kept the crew numbers small (3 a piece) and reputation low - named character and two generics to add bodies, then proceeded to blunder our way through the rules. The sides were: Nightwing and two cops (one had a taser) vs Bane and two prisoners (one had double handguns). While we definitely got rules wrong, especially in the first game, we picked up more of the nuances as we went on to the point I think we were pretty close to how the game is supposed to run.
   As this game was on the cull list (not having been played and being an easy list of models to shift) playing a game was designed to be the play or sell designator and I, have to say, I think the Batman Miniature Game has saved itself. While it won't see the table as often as some of my other games and I doubt I will be investing in many (if any) more figures for it, the game was really good fun and that was with minimal crews.

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  1. These are great to see and it is something that I wouldn't mind getting back into myself. I think I need a 'good guy' team to offset my Penguin crew. Yours look spot on and great inspiration.

    1. Thanks Michael, but you're are the inspiring ones!
      Two weeks ago I was thinking of selling it all, yesterday I was looking at more online.