Friday, 9 November 2018

Addressing the Ranks

   I promised this unit would be finished a couple of weeks ago, but my dread fear of painting Napoleonic’s ham strung me again, however, here we are, a lot quicker than I expected once I started to push them back down the queue.
   As I think I mentioned in the last couple of Napoleonic posts, I had a sprue and a bit of Warlord Napoleonic British left over as one of the sprues had an infantryman who either hadn’t survived the casting process or the loving attention of Royal Mail’s employees. So part of my last Front Rank order was the second unit of 95th Rifles, another officer for both sides (I’ve seen how vital they are) and a couple of men to fill the gap in my ranks (ordered two by accident).

   This now means I have a 5th infantry unit for my British and a spare officer., which means I can expand my games slightly, although I fear I’ll end up buying more French in the very near future. Or Black Powder 2 looks good . . .

Thanks for reading