Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Mob rule

   This post was due to be on something else that I finished recently, but as I was writing it, I realised it would have been the 7th different project post in a row, which even for a butterfly/magpie like me was a little bit over the top. As the last post was about Gangs of Rome, and it is a project I want to get finished, I decided to spend the weekend getting some painted*, so I could post about that next, instead.
   As the figure pile for my Gangs of Rome project is fairly small, I decided to do all of them in one batch of the same colour**, in this, light blue. Everything was ready built, having been on the shelf next to my painting desk for a fair few months at this point.
*Amongst other things

**Agente excluded

   The last base of mob that I needed to get painted. Like the last 6, I bought the deal that got me the full amount needed when the game first released, then added some Foundry Roman civilians into the bag, so I'm not 100% what model is what anymore.

   Again, when the game first released I knew there were scenarios that needed a VIP to defend, so I bought two would be senator models as I wasn't sure if both sides would need one. It was about time he got painted up.

   My last two named fighters, Maximilianus and Anethencia. I might go back over a few of my plainer fighters in the future as I have seen loads of really nice patterns painted onto their tunics, but I have to feel a bit braver to do so.

   Lastly, the Agente which was a figure I bought without knowing if I would get the card needed to play him in my fighters but knowing I really wanted to paint one up.

   I still have at least 3 buildings to finish for this game, and I really want to get it to the table more, so this isn't the end of the project, and I still need to get a bow equipment card, so I need to justify that postage . . .

Thanks for reading