Saturday, 27 April 2019

Back to the Eternal City

   I started this post last summer, but it didn't get posted as I thought I hadn't done enough to justify a post. However, I've had a bit of a second wind for Gangs of Rome* and I would like to get it on the table a lot more than I currently have, so it felt like the right time to revist the streets of the eternal city.
*While I don't want to buy into any more 'get the figure card 
with the official miniature' style games, I also need to play the ones 
I have bought into a lot more.

   I've found myself reading a lot of Roman themed novels in recent months including the Cicero trilogy by Robert Harris which follows the life and career of (I hope this isn't a surprise) Cicero the famous Roman lawyer and Politician who lived through the rise (and fall) of the triumvirate** and both of Harry Sidebottom's Roman series set in the crisis of the 3rd century after I met him at a Writtle Bit of Lard.
**You've had over 2000 years to catch up on that spoiler

   After a quick check of what was in my backlog, it turned out to be 2 bases of the mob, 4 fighters and a handful of extra figures along with various bits of scenery. Nothing that can't be managed.

The first figure is my version of the gladiator. Apparently the figure is a limited edition Warlord games model from a few years ago, but as I bought it from Firestorm games in my pre-GoR excitement, I'm not sure how limited it actually is. I found myself pretty underwhelmed by the 'official' gladiator, so I wanted something with a bit more flavour and this guy fitted the bill.

Next up is another base of the mob painted as a batch as per my normal technique.

Lastly, for figures, are two more fighters, namely; Aelianus & Fulvia. The way the guy was hunched over made me decide he must be the roman equivalent of a skin head, so that's what I went for.

To keep it mixed up, I thought I would include a bit of scenery too. In this case a simple round temple – dedicated to an undisclosed deity at this point.
After seeing the simple Gangs of Rome demo board at Salute, I have been inspired to do another little scenery order, so there is more coming in the near future.

gangs of rome sarissa precision temple round streets roman

   Also, as part of my birthday day out *** my wife organised to go to the Temple of Mithras in London. The temple has free entry but needs to be booked in advance and is an amazing 45 minute distraction if you are in the city for something else.
   The room with the temple's remains in has a 20 minute light show and viewing time pattern to make sure every ticket holder gets the best from the exhibit
***Last year

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. When I visited the Fishbourne Roman Place, which in many ways is the same thing, it could have done with a light show! The wow factor of looking at broken walls and mosaics was more than a little underwhelming. I'm glad I went on one of their `activity days' there was plenty going on.

  2. Not sure I need to see these Mike, you are making it really very tempting.

  3. Nice looking fighters and gladiator. The temple does look great all lit up

  4. Great stuff Mike! But like Michael said, I don't need to see you working on GoR stuff too, I've been really good about not buying into the game so far :)