Sunday, 19 May 2019

The Good Ol' Boys

   After my first couple of play throughs of Rebels and Patriots we both decided that 24 points was a tad small a game - with 5 units for the Union and 4 for the Rebels there just wasn't quite enough movement, so for our next game we decided to up it to 30 points, which would be an extra unit a side.
   While I had a spare infantry unit I could give the Union, I only had a spare cannon for the Confederates, and this turned out to be a big deal. The photos of the game are on SEEM's blog but suffice to say, 2 cannons on a single side, did turn out to massively uneven and won't be repeated, but 30 points did make the game work much better. After the game I managed to get lucky and pick up the 12 figures I needed, rather than buying in sprues of 5 and added them to my to do list.
   These should make for a much more interesting, and even, game in the future as I am really enjoying this set of rules.

Thanks for reading