Friday, 7 June 2019

More Troops for the City State

   As I mentioned last post, I am painting my batches in two groups, armoured and unarmoured (everything else). This post is going to be about the first unit of unarmoured Hoplites.

   First up, I am nowehere near as keen on this kit as the armoured hoplites. As the unarmoured models have integral hands attached to the spears, but joined on by a tiny wrist joint, I can't replace the spears, and they are really easy to break*. Also, there is such a difference in poses that I'm not really sure you could use these guys to fill out the back of an armoured unit (as I had planned) without it looking strange. All that being said, they are fairly quick to paint and the spare heads have come in useful to replace the unhelmeted head from the armoured box**.

*I've actually painted slightly more than this unit and I've already had to repair 4 wrist joints.
**Heavily armoured hoplites without helmets on looks daft in bulk.

   The other thing I thought I had better mention at this point is my unit numbers. After speaking to my mate, Neil, we decided we would ignore Men of Bronze's 10 man unit idea (no big deal as units fight as abstract elements anyway) and use the Lion Rampant unit sizes of 12 or 6 for units. This allows us to use the same units for the Greek version of Lion Rampant and Men of Bronze without fiddling around with models or movement trays*** and those 2 extra men seem to make a big difference to how the unit looks.

***More to come.

Thanks for reading


  1. Cracking looking unit Mike. You were obviously more patient that I have been recently with the transfers.

    1. Thanks Michael.
      I quite like these transfers.

  2. Excellent work! I'm working on 3 Athenian hoplites base now ;)

    1. Thanks Michal.
      I'll keep my eye on your blog, then.

  3. Great stuff Mike! Love those shield details!!!