Monday 17 June 2019

Psiloi and friends

   Much later than planned, even though the models have been finished for almost a week, and I've got another unit that just needs the last few bits finishing off, but here is the next batch of completed figures for my Greek project, another unit of unarmoured hoplites and the first unit of psiloi (slingers). I'm pushing hard to get to the point I can get some Greeks on the table for a game, and I am pretty close now.

   The hoplites include a musician from the Mortal Gods range for a bit of variety. I decided to order some more wire spears when I started this project, so I there would be no risk of running out in the middle of anything (even though I now have enough to not run out for a good few years) and when the choice came down to ordering from North Star or Footsore, I went with the company that I could add a few miniatures to the parcel, and some of the single figures from the Mortal Gods range are particuarly nice*.

*Very real risk of me picking up some of the Athenian Marines when they are back in stock

Thanks for reading