Saturday 30 November 2019

Norman Crossbows

   Following on from my Norman archers is a unit of Norman crossbowmen. For my Dark Age armies, I wouldn't tend to run two shooting units but both came with the Gripping Beast 4 point starter set (although I had to boost this unit's numbers for Lion Rampant) and I'm not going to leave them unpainted just because I have archers already, however, I have slightly more than 24 points worth of troops, so I can leave a unit out if I want to play a 'standard' sized game*.

*Although, we rarely do

Thanks for reading


  1. Great stuff Mike! Really like all those different colours 🙂

  2. 1 min 28 secs, old skool inspiration from back in the day when I had hair.

    1. Looking forward to a quiet weekend to catch up on inspiration like that

  3. A splendid group, lovely and subtile colors!

  4. These look fabulous Mike, really nicely done.