Thursday 14 November 2019

The Professor

   This is another of those cart before the horse posts but here we go. A month or so ago I placed an order with Great Escape Games to pick up a new gang for Dead Man's Hand and as I'd had the professor (definitely not the Doc) in my basket for ages, it seemed daft not to pick him up as well. The plan was then to do a post about the new gang and then to tag this on at the end, however the new gang is sitting waiting to be painted while this has been finished and made it onto the table.

   The professor is a nice contained little set, it has a bit of scenery and the mad inventor himself, but also comes with cards and 2 linked games to play out something suspiciously like a certain film's plot. So that's what we played last night. Sadly, in the opening scene where the professor is being roughed up and his plucky sidekick comes over to help, didn't happen in quite the same way and (we'll call the sidekick Matt) Matt was killed before he had even moved.
   However, in the second scene, the professor, with help from the townsfolk, managed to stop his workshop being burnt down and defeated the bad guys, so all was not lost. Unless you are Matt.

Thanks for reading