Wednesday 6 November 2019

Rangers of the wldlands

    Again, while I should have been getting on with the big projects (and I promise that I am) another small project that has been sitting on my shelf for way too long has managed to jump the queue. In this case, it is the rangers that were the reason I actually did the Midlams order, with the gnomes, earlier this year.
   The idea behind these was that I could play a themed warband for Rangers of Shadowdeep, Open Combat or Frostgrave but I'm now also thinking of adding my other two rangers and using them as an elite unit for Dragon Rampant as part of my 'Baratheon' army. Either way, it'll look like a good little unit for fantasy games.

Thanks for reading


  1. An effective group, nicely accessorised in the latest ranger fashion. I really do like the halfling bowman.

    1. I like rangers and I like halfling, so it was an obvious choice.

  2. Brilliant job Mike, love this group.

  3. Great stuff Mike! I've got some Rangers I need to post up myself, though yours are looking much nicer 🙂