Sunday, 14 August 2022

Duke of Somerset

   With our last club game set in the Wars of the Roses being a success and both sides talking about a rematch or two, it was inevitable that we'd end up in an arms race before we could get them back on the table. I know my mate, Neil, is painting more Yorkists so I set about looking at my backlog and seeing what I had left I could add and seeing what I needed to buy to fill the gaps.

   The more I thought about it, the more I suspect if I keep adding troops in Andrew Trollop's livery, I'm probably pushing the one warband theory too far, so it's at this point I've decided to mix in a second commander - the Duke of Somerset - this will also allow me to split the army between two players more easily.

   The first troops finished for this bit of the project are a unit of archers and the mounted command figures - the Duke himself and his standard.

   I've got another 4 units to add to this army - digging into my Yorkist backlog to achieve the figure count (which will need to be replaced in the future as I like to keep armies for both sides of a conflict - but I might add another unit of mounted knights to keep the second player happy.

I'd better get painting.

Thanks for reading