Friday 24 February 2023

Back To The Holy Land

   This is a bit of a mixed up post of bits from all over the two projects but as I wanted to play more games set in the desert this year, I thought I had better get those projects finished. There is still more to come, but in the meantime here is what I have managed to finish.

   First up are the commanders for my Crusader army. A Templar Warlord, Templar bannerman and a Bishop in a vaguely Templar colour scheme.

   The Bannerman is from Gripping Beast and in armour that is probably about 100 years out of date, but there was just something about the 'seen it all face' that looked perfect for the role. The other two figures are both from 1st Corps to give a bit more flavour to my force.

   Then we have a unit of Ben Youssef's Black Guard plus some left over plastic infantry. The black guard I've just painted exactly as their name, everything black including straps and scabbards, only adding colour where it is completely necessary as I wanted the unit to look like it was definitely wearing black and not a unit that happened to be mostly in the colour. I'm not 100% sure where the whole unit came from but I think the command figures are from Gripping Beast and that the regular infantry and from Footsore Miniatures.

   Then we have a 'unit' of monks. I was making bases of carts* for a raid scenario and I saw a monk on a donkey from Conquest Games that I bought from a different project sitting on a shelf next to the monk from Colonel Bill's cart driver set and I had an idea. The two spare monks then fell out of a cupboard while I was trying to find something else and were perfect to add to the base.

*in the painting queue

I've got another couple of boxes of Arabic horsemen I really need to get painting next, lets see how that goes.

Thanks for reading