Wednesday 11 October 2023

Bigger Bugs Pt 12

   Carrying on the project from Bigger Bugs Pt 10, is the other Carnifex from the boxset. No idea why these guys come in boxes of 2 when they share no sprues at all, but hey. This one is the other half of the first Carnifex I bought with all the guns, while I enjoy the sheer amount of dice you roll in the shooting phase, once it hits combat it just has nothing to go back with. My plan is to boost the big gun with a second, then give some combat ability. This means the original one takes the damage, so that by the time there is only one of the pair left, its the one that can deal best with the mid-late game combats.
   I tried mucking about with the waist joint on this one to make it look like it is rearing up. Its not a huge difference but when you have multiple versions of the same model on the board, any variation is a good idea.

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