Thursday 19 October 2023

Bigger Bugs Pt 15

   Another unit I speed painted for a game during my paternity leave was my Zoanthropes - or brain bugs. These were another unit that I loved the look of in 3rd edition but always found were out of my price point as individual metal models.

   One of the things my brother and me had found our Tyranids were struggling with was confidently destroying tanks, we could kill a tank or two by the end of our games, but killing early and easily was beyond us. Asking online, there were a few answers, but a unit of Zoanthropes was always in the top 2 responses, so a unit was purchased.

   These guys were painted in time for our big 4 player game and put right at the point where the Sisters of Battle had deployed all their vehicles, so did they do their job? I have to say, yes they can damage tanks pretty well, but that they don't just pick a target and kill it as I had hoped. 

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