Saturday 14 October 2023

Bigger Bugs Pt 13

   The Haruspex is a model that once I saw it in the Tyranid range, I knew I had to have it. Then I saw the amount of attacks it has and added it to my watch list. In the end my in-laws offered to buy it as a birthday present, so I ordered one from Wayland Games and waited two months for GW to deliver one to them*.

   It ended up arriving 3 days before a big game I wanted to use it in, so a quick build and quicker paint job later and this was the result. The one thing I am really enjoying from a painting side of this whole project is how my 4 colours seem to swap and change in dominance using the slightly vague rules I've put in place for myself. Some models the green is dominant, others its the bone or red, but this model is definitely purple with the bone.

*I gather GW has been doing some work on their warehouse systems and lots of delays have been caused

Tyranid Haruspex green painted

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  1. For a quick job that is epic painting. Matt