Friday 10 November 2023

Mining Machinery Turned Tank

  Another model that came in the Genestealer Cult combat patrol is the Goliath Rockgrinder a piece of mining machinery that the cult are using as an armoured vehicle. I painted the guy on the back with the second batch of Neophytes to save some effort, but I was slightly stuck on the vehicle's colour scheme.

   Then having a think about what colour looks good as an off-grey without being grey, I saw there are two flesh colours in the range that are more of a light greeny-grey than flesh. So I bought some pots and did a test scheme with a green wash in between and have to say I am really pleased with the end result its a horrible colour but that's kind of the point, it feels like a cheap paint*.

   I decided not to tie the other main colours onto this vehicle leaving as a separate thing - in my head the colour you paint a work vehicle doesn't need to match worker overalls, but with the guy on top and other vehicles in the army, it should end up looking natural in time.

*got ideas for other things to paint in this now . . .

Goliath Rockgrinder alternative colour

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  1. Like the colour you've chosen and the thought process behind it. Also, the Stubber being "at rest" is a nice touch too.

    1. Thanks Dai. I'm really pleased with how it came out. Still half think I should have tested it on a model I wasn't worried about, but it turned out OK.