Tuesday 21 November 2023

Pushing The Advantage

   With the Battle of Arccaster breaking the biggest single swarm on the planet of Fratribusia, the Imperium was fast to try and capitalise on their victory, hunting down survivors and surgically hitting any other build ups of Xenos, but the Imperial forces were not blessed with the numbers they had at the start of the war and certain gambits had to be attempted.

   While in other areas the supposedly defeated swarm went on the attack leaving the Imperial defenders scrabbling to hold the line.

   This ended up being a real period of revival for the Tyranid cause, the Imperium had found itself over stretched and the Xenos fully capitalised on this dragging a strong Imperial victory much closer to a draw.

+++ Message to the Governor General +++

My Lord

Scans of the jungle show a build up of titan sized organisms.

I suggest an immediate strike.

 House Steinschild stands ready for deployment.

 Thought for the day: Life is the Emperor's currency, spend it well

 +++ Message Ends +++

   Using another White Dwarf 'Bunker' scenario, this time "Suffer No Rivals" which puts the victory point focus not on the objectives in the centre of the board but in individual models in the opposition's army, we decided to build a mission based around two super heavy (I miss that, that term has gone from 10th edition) models and use the warlord as the second objective.

   The game was played out between my brothers with me just controlling the Imperial Knight (which I lost turn 1!). I was mostly just enjoying watching my brothers playing a game, but I was determined to fight the Hierodule in combat, so saved my main gun for a different target - which was a mistake. 

  With another Imperial victory, we decided to pit my brothers back against each other again, this time in a combat patrol*. For reasons completely unknown, my Tyranid playing brother hid his Termagaunts behind his other beasties, which meant that by turn 2 he had a lot of termagaunts left and not much else, but once he realised what the list can do he managed to pull a win out for the aliens.
*while I tamed the toddler

   The last game was another combat patrol using my own sisters of battle, mostly just for a bit of variety in colour on the table.

Despite the Imperium killing the first titan sized organism spotted on Fratribusia in a well-planned strike, the loss of an irreplaceable Imperial Knight while doing so has severely weakened humanity’s cause. With this loss and multiple small victories across the breadth of the planet the Tyranids are once again in resurgence and control of the planet is slowly slipping away.

There are reports of massive spawning chambers breeding huge new broods of lesser Xenos, can the Imperium hold back this new threat?

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