Wednesday 15 November 2023

The Cult's Specialists

   The last unit that comes in the combat patrol box are the Acolyte Hybrids. The box comes with 5 that I built as per the instructions for the box (as combat patrol gives you no options on how a model should be armed) while the second 5 I bought separately and used to make the unit a touch more competitive in full lists.

   While I was buying the second box of Acolyte Hybrids, I also picked up a Kellermorph. When I first got into 40k in 3rd edition, characters were definitely a useful thing to have in your army and gave you something to get attached to, but you rarely took more than 1 or 2*. Modern 40k, characters are where big buffs come from and are almost must haves in multiples. Genestealer Cults are one of the armies that really benefit from having some floating about and the Kellermorph is one of my favourites**.
*some armies didn't have more than 1 or 2 options
**at the point of not having yet played

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  1. Hybrids look great! Built mine out with handflamers as that seemed to fit their closecombat role in my head. But then I'll be using Xenos Rampant to play my games so really loadouts dont matter.

    The Kellmorph model is what got me started collecting GSC. Just a cool sculpt and concept.

    1. Yeah, my second batch all have hand flamers, they just seem so much better than the standard pistols.
      Kellermorph had to be done.