Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Hervictus 14th 2rnd Platoon

   The second platoon for my Imperial Guard regiment is set up exactly the same as my first platoon, 3 squads of 10 (vox and grenade launcher) and a 5 man command squad (vox and heavy bolter). I'm not trying to do anything clever with my basic troops*.
* I am saving that for
my interesting units.

First squad

Second squad

Third squad

Command squad

   That should be the hard slog done, my painting table should get a bit more interesting over the next few weeks as my troop types will start to vary a bit more and I can fit models from other projects back on again. 
   The one thing I have learned from this project is to make my painting batches smaller - in past projects I have been painting up to 20 guys at a time, which saps your motivation so quickly, but doing 5-6 in a go gives you the win of completing something more often and keeps your queue moving quicker.

Thanks for reading