Thursday, 30 March 2017

Imperial Officers

   The base set of Imperial Assault is really varied mix of different units, some that you need in almost every scenario in the campaign and others that only get used sparingly. So, obviously, it made sense to put some effort into getting the figures used the most, finished first.
   Nearly every set-up includes at least one Imperial Officer, and as they were an easy uniform to paint I added them into my painting list as a side project while other bits dried.

   The below photo shows how I have decided to mark each group out on the board. Each has a colour painted on the back of the base, so it isn't overwhelming on the figure but lets you easily see who is who, then I put the matching colour token onto the figure's card, while the red coloured base is nearly always the red elite unit in the scenario to try and cut down on the amount of tokens on the table at any one time.

Thanks for reading