Friday, 7 April 2017

Halloween Priest

   Warlord games regularly do a tank for a tenner deal on holiday events across the year, so last year the two were a German Hetzer for March (mad as a March Hare'tzer) and a Priest for Halloween. Foolishly I didn't jump on the Hetzer but I did pick up a Priest and it became an integral part of my Cam'Bridge too far tournament plan, along with an AEC armoured car I picked up back in 2015 . . .

   The Priest kit gave me two issues in terms of making it Canadian; firstly, it comes with American crew, so to convert it to a Canadian unit I copied one of my club mate's ideas, which was to saw the helmets off and replace with British versions. Secondly, the Canadians used modified Sextons and not American built Priests, this problem I couldn't do anything about. The stowage is from a mixed bag of bits I keep on my desk that is filled from at least 4 different companies now, possibly more.

warlord canadian priest sexton 3rd division

   The AEC was a much easier build as I had nothing to do to it except make sure the markings were as close to realistic as I could manage.

I even managed to get onto a video blog:

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  1. Brilliant work Mike, I've just fallen foul of the Warlord Games latest £10 off!

    1. Thanks Michael.
      Yeah, i just had a dangerous run in with a 15% off Warlord voucher . . .