Friday, 21 April 2017

Stormcast archers?

   Back in August last year I finally cracked and started buying AOS Stormcast Eternals in the vain hope I might be able to get a game in. I painted my minimum army of a character and 2 battleline units and then, getting a tad carried away, bought another character and a different battleline unit for variation, which were promptly built, undercoated and then left on a shelf to get a light coating of dust. 
   At the start of this year I made the decision to limit the amount of new games I got into and to try and finish some projects off, selling those just just were not going anywhere. As part of this drive I managed to get a demo game of AOS in with my local GW manager (Andy in the Romford store is the best store manager I have ever met) and can confirm that the rules really are brilliant. I know, however, that I am unlikely to get a real game of AOS in before 2018, but carrying on my spring clean meant these guys had to be finished and put away to clear some space and it was a useful exercise to write down my recipe as this was another project I didn't do it with. The important thing is they will be ready when I am in a position to play and, now I have played a demo, I know they are a set of rules I want to play.

stormcast judicators aos eternals gold blue

   My unit of Stormcast Judicators and Knight-Questor. I wanted a to add a classic feel to my Stormcast and a proper shield and sword hero and a unit of archers felt like the difference in an army that otherwise felt really alien to me.

knight-questor aos stormcast hero gold blue

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