Friday, 28 April 2017

German supply convoy

   I noticed back in Zomtober that my WW2 German force was lacking some really vital things; transports. I have a few cars floating about but nothing in terms of munition and supply transports. So a trip to Rubicon and an additional Warlord Games order and I think I have that issue fixed for the moment.

   The 3 identical trucks are all German Opel Blitz's from Rubicon and are what every 28mm German player uses as trucks, but the Ant Guy British truck from Warlord was my attempt to make my fleet more interesting. If my research is correct these little trucks were common at the start of the war and enough were made that I feel I can justify it's use in my convoy.

   The cart was something I really wanted to do. While in Bolt Action circles trucks and armoured half tracks are remarkably common the German army was heavily reliant on horse and carts, so this was something I wanted to replicate. The kit is from Warlord games and I have no doubt it will get a partner in the future.

Thanks for reading


  1. These are great Mike, perfect for the project and that cart is a wonderful addition.

    1. Thanks Michael. Think we are getting there now.