Thursday, 8 June 2017

Assemble the fleet, Admiral!

   I was organising my normal Monday night game last week and it dawned on me that I had done quite a lot of work on my Space Marine Battlefleet Gothic fleet and had painted up a Navy fleet too but hadn't blogged about any of it*.
   First up is my Imperial Navy fleet as it is the one I am using the most at the moment. Again, like my Space Marine fleet, I have been buying whatever was cheap on eBay, rather than planning a fleet and paying full whack to get them, this has led to my fleet being a bit of a mix of things.

* I assume this is due to the models being painted and packed
 into foam straight after varnishing ready for an immediate game.

Emperor Battleship.
This is the one big ship that was not planned at all. I had something a lot more 'shooty' on my shopping list, maybe a Retribution or an Apocalypse, but this was the ship that was cheap. While unplanned, it has turned out to be one hell of a ship, she has just about dealt with whatever situation I have put her in and (mostly) come out fighting.

Overlord Battlecruiser
The 3 cruisers were a sorry looking job lot that were so badly looked after that I couldn't tell what ships they actually were from the photos, but a bit of time spent tidying them and a new paint job can do wonders.

Dictator Cruiser

Gothic Cruiser

Firestorm Escorts
These Firestorms should be pretty familiar as they are the ones I used for my Space Marine fleet, stripped and repainted, they look much happier in the grey of my Imperial Navy. I am currently in the process of bulking up all my escort squadrons to 5-6.

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  1. Wow, they look amazing Mike, what great models.

    1. Thanks Michael. I love these models, I just wish I had bought more from GW when I could.