Thursday, 15 June 2017

Tactical flexibility

   Carrying on from the last painting post, there is a second part to the fleet which hasn't seen the table quite as much yet. These ships are either much newer or more recently painted, so with no further ado. While I got slightly distracted by new toys at Broadside I am carrying on trying to get projects finished and this fleet is an easy one to get to that point with.

Lunar Cruiser.
The all round cruiser of the fleet, give it a job and it will be able to do it.

Dauntless Light Cruiser.
This was more of an experiment for me. With the way you build fleets relying on having a set amount of basic cruisers before you can buy the next ship, a light cruiser was a cheap way to fill one of these slots in points sensitive space. So far my opponent has used his twice and had more success by squadroning it with some escorts for extra punch.

Cobra Destroyers.
Like the Firestorms, these are the same ones from my Space Marine fleet repainted and bulked up with extra numbers.

 Transports and a system ship.
Just about making it on this post are a batch of transports that I picked up so we can, theoretically, play any mission from the core rules. I added in a single system defence ship in the hope that my opponent doesn't spot it early enough and I can get a cheeky surprise attack.

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  1. Very nice they all look great. I never played BFG but I always admired the miniatures themselves they're fab.

    1. Thanks Simon. Great figures and, it turns out, a great game.

  2. Very nice Mike, not something I know anything about, but they look great,