Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Engineering a solution

   As I mentioned on the last post and after a spate of painting space ships and Star Wars figures I have decided to return to something a bit more traditional. Again, in another of those quiet periods where you get a chance to do some proper thinking I decided that much as my normal opponent has been making some noises about painting up a British Peninsular war force to give Sharp Practice 2 a try, I doubt that it will ever actually come to fruition, so a couple of quick orders and I have a British army in the post, this however, means I need to get my French finished.
   An hour or so sitting in the sun clipping sprues, filing metal models and sticking the results together and I had the last things I needed for my planned first game's list, plus the normal extra bits that had annoyed me enough that they got included. The first results from this particular drive are below;

First are the last unit of basic line that I plan to do in the immediate future. I got this weird idea in my head a while back that I needed to make my basic infantry seem a bit more varied, so I picked up a single sprue of great coats from Warlord games, stuck my usual heads and backpacks to keep the uniforms as correct as possible, and painted as normal. I plan to mix this into my units rather than have a single block of them.

Two French infantry sgts from Front Rank Miniatures to remedy my lack of leader 1 status figures.

french peninsular war engineers sappers Napoleonic
While not in my list, I had to get a unit of engineers painted up while I was still motivated. When Sharp Practice 2 was first announced and the hype online started I got excited and ordered a few bits that I figured were 'dead-certs' to either be in the list, or look cool enough that I would just be able to use them, chief amoungst these was the engineer's wagon. I only found out while I was painting it that I needed a unit of engineers to go with it, so here they are, a mix of Warlord Games and Front Rank Miniatures to get the unit to the required size.

Now I need to get back to painting French.
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  1. Very nice too Mike, I do like a slight different looking unit.

    1. Thanks Michael. It's all guns go with this project now.

  2. Very nice job on both units. I like the skirmish movement tray the engineer are in as well.

    1. Thanks Simon. I am pretty pleased with how these turned out.