Thursday, 29 June 2017

95th rifles

   While the general rule, when it comes to pretty much anything in life, is to save the bits that you really want to paint until last as a treat for getting through the bulk (see the IA Royal Guard), the post conspired against me and these arrived before my basic infantry.
   Here  my first unit of British infantry for Sharp Practice, the 95th rifles, plus officer* and sgt**. As I mentioned before, if you are painting a small model count Peninsular war British force there are a couple of wargaming laws that you have to abide by; 1. There has to 95th rifles. 2. The red coats have to have yellow facings. Who am I to start disobeying the law?
*Obviously not Sharpe as his sword is wrong 
and he is actually in the full correct uniform.
**Obviously not Harper, either, as the gun is wrong
and he isn't big enough.

   The one big this I have done on this unit is something I really should have done for my French too, make the troops look like they might actually be on campaign, so in the 6 rifles I have two with patches on their knees and 2 in the completely wrong coloured trousers and this will carry on through the rest of my redcoats.

Thanks for reading


  1. Look great. Nice work on them all :)

  2. Superb Mike! Now not that I want to help you spend your pocket money, but have a little look at these.
    Yes I know, I'm a bad man. :)

    1. Get behind me foul daemon!
      I am weak at the best of times, I don't need temptation dangled in front of me.
      But thanks Michael :)