Monday 10 July 2017

Forest skirmish

   It turns out I can't even stay focused on something that wasn't my main focus. Deviating away from the British Napoleonics into completing the first wave of Imperial Assault and then I paint a character from the second box set and a figure pack from the 8th wave, instead, but I have an excuse, I had an idea on the character's colour scheme and I wanted to him done while I was both motivated and inspired.

   As I have said before, my aim with the camo scheme is to try and create a group of rebels that look like a unified assault group for those missions that a bit more take and control than the campaign games in the box set. My theory is, in games of skirmish the imperials will mostly be stormtroopers so their rebel opponents should have a theme running through their kit even if it isn't a uniform (thinking battle of Endor or the end scenes from Rogue One).
   I just couldn't get the lighting right in the photo below but the force is coming together. I think another unit of rangers and it will be done, although I want to try a game out before then to see how the skirmish side of the rules plays out.

Thanks for reading.