Wednesday 26 July 2017

The Full Roster & Keeping Score

   When I first played this edition of Bloodbowl on Christmas Eve, the thing I noticed about my team was that having the figures from the base set was absolutely fine for a stand alone game, but filling out some of those key positions would help my team do much better, my blitzers especially were having to do a lot of work.
   So over the last couple of months I have been keeping an eye out for cheap models on eBay to fill my team out and give a few different poses, I have picked up one of the new ogres and I have dug out my very first team and started working on them.
   But first, the last 4 players to get my team to the full 16. The two male humans are 5th edition metal models, one is catcher, while the other is a linesman. Catchers are my favourite position in my human team and the two that come in plastic stand out so much that two on the pitch at the same time looks odd, in my opinion. 
   The woman is my 3rd blitzer and is a repainted star player called Zara, she will stay a generic player in my team. I have read the Bloodbowl series of Black Library novels more times than is healthy since the first one came out years ago, and one of the things that always lept out at me was that the team always had 2-4 female players and the descriptions of their kit were that they were just as heavily armoured as their male counterparts, so mine was duly painted up as such.
   The ogre is just to give a bit of muscle and try some ideas out. He is the new plastic Bloodbowl ogre model, but has had a head swap and arm swap with some old ogre bits from my bits box.

   The one fear I did have about mixing 5th and 6th edition models was that the scale creep would be too noticeable, which I know it is for a couple of the other races - looking at the Orks mostly. However, as you can see from the photo below, while there is a difference it isn't that bad, especially when you think the smaller guy is supposed to be a more nimble catcher, so would be a tad smaller anyway.

   The last thing is a scoreboard I picked up from Blotz at the Broadside show and was one of those things I knew I just had to buy. All the dials move, so you can keep track of everything that needs to be kept track of and it means I am one step closer to a proper Bloodbowl stadium.
   I used my human team colours for the home and neutral bits, while the away side bits were painted in my brother's Ork team colours.

Thanks for reading