Friday, 28 July 2017

Girl Power

   I am in a bit of a Bloodbowl mood at the moment as shown by the newest additions to my human team at the start of the week, this team now and the next team that turned up at my local Games Workshop today. First, though, my Amazons;
   My Amazons were actually the first team I bought back when I used to go to Games Workshop's Games Days in the mid-2000's (every year I bought a different specialist games team/gang) and were the team I played with in store at the time, but due to not varnishing models and a lack of safe storage, they didn't survive the years. So, when this new edition came out I had two choices; Sell them or repaint and start a fresh colour scheme. The prices they were going for on eBay were just plain daft, but much as they were 'worth' I realised that I didn't have the heart to get rid of them.
   I picked green and cream as my new colours simply because nothing I own is in those colours and it gave me something new, and so, the Jungle Wildcats were born. Sticking to a few basic colours made this team much easier to paint, everything is green, flesh, bronze, white or a variant of cream, with the odd bit of desert yellow mixed in for lizard skins.

   Again the coach and cheerleading section were bought at the same time (I think they were the only Amazon blister pack GW either did, or had in stock at the show) and sadly I cut up the 3rd cheerleader as part of an ancient project that I can barely remember anymore.

I'm just looking forward to getting them on the table now to see what they can do.

Thanks for reading.