Friday, 7 July 2017

Nexu attack

   There are 40 Napoleonic British red coats sitting on my painting desk, but after the heat of last week my painting mojo died and my painting board spent nearly a week languishing in my man cave untouched. In an effort to get me painting again I have gone back to small projects that I can get quick results out of and chief amoungst these is still Imperial Assault.
   Carrying on with my aim of having the whole first wave painted as soon as possible the Nexu found their way into my immediate to do pile. I hadn't painted these as looking online there are so many colour schemes all based on either pure imagination or on the various types of nexu in the Star Wars fluff. I found one scheme (that I think was based on the nexu in the second film) and it set me straight to painting.

imperial assault nexu

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