Friday, 18 August 2017

Pining for the fjords

   The weekend just gone saw me go somewhere I have wanted to go to for years, the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo and it did not disappoint. Considering how small the museum is, we were there for getting near to 2 hours, with a vast chunk of it consisting of my wife and me sitting on the floor staring down the length of one of the 2 mostly intact ships.

   We were in the ship museum on my birthday (how good is my wife?*) but when we got home and I found out she was waiting on a ship from Adrian's Walls, I knew I was doing really well.
   The ship comes in a few parts that need to be assembled, but it is just the bits that just wouldn't survive the post**, so 10 minutes after opening it, the ship was waiting for a crew to set sail and plunder the known world.
* Check out her version of events,
plus me falling in a fjord in
Things we learnt in: Oslo 
**The only real thing I did do, was spray
 varnish the oars as they are metal casts.

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