Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Sons of Horus Destroyers & Chaplain

   A small post this week due to work interfering with my hobby time in a big way over the weekend. My desk is currently full of models to keep me from ever running out stuff to paint and I have strategically made sure it is all figures from the big projects I plan to finish this year.
   The first unit to be finished since my last post is a 5 man squad of Sons of Horus destroyers. Destroyers were one of those units that I knew my 30k army had to include, whether they were good or not. A squad carrying radioactive grenades, so brutal that a few legions banned their use, the emperor officially condemned them and they eventually killed their users, if ever there was a quintessential 30k unit, this was it and with the Sons of Horus' brute force and ignorance motto, they fit into the theme perfectly.

   The second model finished for this post is the Chaplain that comes with the Betrayal at Calth box. I had no plans to include a chaplain in my army but as my current captains are heavily converted to fit into the theme this army was going to be (Ravenguard) and, much as they aren't useful existing without armies to lead, I am loathe to strip them down and re-do them, so I need to convert up a dedicated Sons of Horus captain, in the meantime I have this model.
   The basic model is pretty uninspiring, so I needed to do something to make it fit the theme of my army, so a shoulder pad change and a head swap later and it feels less generic to me. This will give me the HQ needed to play some games while I work on my planned captain model.

   I want to get my second tactical squad done next so I have a solid fire base of 30 marines to expand any lists from and I have my minimum choices to play a game, then I can start looking at fun stuff again; maybe a dreadnought, a vehicle, or a squad to support my destroyers, or even something from one of my other big projects just to break up painting this green?

Thanks for reading


  1. Looking great~I love armour colour :)

    1. Thanks Michal. It was trying to work out the armour colour that kept putting me off this project.