Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Sons of Horus Tactical Squad 2

   As planned I have focused on making sure my second tactical squad for my Sons of Horus 30K project has been finished before I got too excited painting anything else. This now means I have 2 of my 3 big squads finished*, so any distractions** now won't kill this project entirely.

*I have been painting the odd man from other
squads in the same batches, so actually the
next squad or two should be finished fairly
**Gangs of Rome is starting 
to deliver . . 

   As with my last big squad, I am trying to make sure I am mixing different marks of armour into the squads early on, especially into any of the positions, as this way I can add anything to this army and individual units without the new thing looking out of place. So in this case I have added a MKV as the squads vexillia and there are other marks mixed in, in the ranks.
   I have also been mixing armour types on the same model for similar reasons, these men are supposed to be in the depth of the heresy where resources were hard to come by. That forgeworld supplying you might now be in the rear view mirror and hard to get to, or have fallen to your enemy.

   The first Deimos Rhino for the army, while it isn't for this squad it was too good a kit not to get painted early on and was a nice break from infantry. I kept the colour scheme simple to match the troops, however, I broke the big flat areas up with gang markings*.

30k sons of horus rhino horus heresy forgeworld deimos rhino

   At this point I think it is impossible for me to go more than a week or so without getting the itch to paint a Viking and these were the last few I needed to finish another unit off. Hopefully, this will tie me over for a while.

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