Thursday, 4 July 2019

Getting into Gaslands

   I listen to a lot of wargaming podcasts and follow a lot of blogs and Gaslands was one of those games that was impossible to miss when it was first released and as a result I had the book on preorder as soon as I heard about it and a pair of toy cars sitting on my desk to go with it, but that was about as far as I got. Then recently my gaming club (SEEMs) decided to do a big order for the templates, something I had been meaning to pick up for ages, so I went in on it too and once these had arrived the project escalated quickly, with a game planned for the following week.

   As I have been focussing on my Greek project, I left the toy cars until a couple of days before and in a blind panic I raided my *Pile of Potential for anything that looked remotely useful and the following two cars are the result.
*aptly named

In hindsight, I feel like this model could do with numbers on the doors.

   Of the two cars, the one with Jerry the mouse on the front was the one I designed for myself, with the Frozen themed car being designed for my mate Steve B**.  The brass spikes on the car are because he hates wire spears too. I’ve not added a huge amount of bits to either car, but what has been added is either plain sheets of plasti-card cut to fit or bits from various GW kits.

**Whose young daughter is going through a Frozen phase . . .

   The last photo is the result of a wipe out that ended with a crash into a concrete bollard which ricocheted off into a crash barrier, with my driver going through the pearly gates upside-down and on fire - beware of those pesky hazard markers. I'd like to say this was near the end of the race, but the bollards I hit were actually the first gates . . .
   I've also since bought another car and have plans to round out both teams. . .

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  1. They look great. Love the weathering as well.

  2. Yet another wonderful project fro you to get your teeth into Mike. Looks like you are off to a great start.

    1. Thanks Michael. Trying not to make this a full project, although maybe another couple of cars