Monday 17 October 2022

A Highland Quarrel

   The last bits I needed to paint from the 1st phase* of the Jacobite Rebellion project were the cannon, associated limber and an ammunition wagon for the cannon. The crew have already been painted, so at this point it's just the horses and constructed bits left to go. The figures are from Front Rank as they just do gorgeous limbers.

*can you tell it's escalated?

   So, I said 1st phase earlier as Gripping Beast had a sale a couple of weekends ago which included their Front Rank ranges, so a pair of lowlander units were purchased at a slightly earlier time period than planned - other projects should probably be getting priority after finishing these. Then not long after I had placed that order, my mate Neil, discovered he had too many troops for this period and has agreed to offload some troops that would be appropriate for the Royal Ecossais and the Irish Piquets. We shall see how quickly they get painted but the anniversary of Culloden is only 6 months away and on a Sunday, so a perfect gaming day . . .

Thanks for reading